UAE Start ups

Do UAE-based startups outperform new ventures elsewhere in the world? 

24/05/2023 by Ali Sajwani

We live in a country where small and medium enterprises (SMEs) dominate the local business scene. And mindful of this, Dubai government has created an ...

Ali Sajwani

Get a healthy work-life balance, even if you’re really busy 

16/05/2023 by Ali Sajwani

Those among you who read my blog regularly will know how much I enjoy being an entrepreneur, like the rest of my family. We all seem to love work, but ...

Ali Sajwani and Amira Sajwani featured on the cover of Arabian Business

09/05/2023 by Arabian Business

Ali Sajwani, Managing Director of Operations and Technology at DAMAC, and Amira Sajwani, Managing Director of Sales and Development, were featured on ...