What does it take to create an unforgettable luxury resort experience?

22/04/2024 by Ali Sajwani

In a world where luxury often follows a similar template, premium offerings can become indistinguishable. This is especially true in destinations like Dubai, where high-end products, services and experiences have become commonplace for large segments of the population. 

I don’t think the problem is necessarily connected with quality. It’s more to do with a lack of substance. Take the hospitality sector as an example. Imagine a developer that creates a premium resort in one location, replete with world-class fixtures, fittings and amenities, and proceeds to build identical premises elsewhere. Has this hypothetical developer delivered luxury? Well, yes. Would it be accurate to describe its resorts as memorable? On an individual level, probably not. 

As an avid traveller, I have been fortunate enough to visit some of the most luxurious destinations on the planet. And while I rarely have any complaints about the quality of accommodation on offer in the premium segment, it can feel as though once you’ve seen one luxury resort, you’ve seen them all. Consequently, the locations that have stuck in my mind over the long term are few and far between. 

So, what does it take to create a truly memorable luxury resort experience? 

Standing out in a sea of luxury 

Luxury hotels accounted for more than half (53.7%) of the UAE’s hospitality revenue last year. To me, this is a staggering figure and one which drives home the level of competition that exists in high-end hotspots such as the Emirates. 

Developing an extravagant building in a beautiful location may be important, but it’s not sufficient for unforgettable luxury. From cutting-edge amenities to airtight security and high levels of privacy, luxury guests expect certain things to come as standard. Attention to detail, exclusivity, world-class dining and exceptional service are also factors that contribute to an enjoyable luxury resort stay. But again, these are just a starting point. The best luxury resorts are more than the sum of their parts. 

As CEO and Co-founder of Amali Properties, I’ve made it my mission to create unforgettable ultra-luxury living spaces and experiences. Our atelier is working tirelessly to deliver environments that satisfy our customers’ deepest desires, and I am committed to assembling a collective of award-winning dreamers, designers and architects who share my passion for luxury resort living. 

Making luxury a way of life 

Designed for those who never want the holiday to end, luxury resort living is a concept that transforms a home into a perpetual uber-premium vacation destination, where every day offers the ultimate escape. This is the philosophy behind Amali Island, a one-of-a-kind coastal living experience just a short boat ride from mainland Dubai. 

With sweeping vistas of the Arabian Gulf and Dubai’s unmistakable skyline, Amali Island will feature direct beach access for each home – perfect for those early morning swims and serene evening strolls. The destination’s 24 exquisite villas will deliver an abundance of space with majestic rooftop terraces, fire pits, jacuzzis and enticing water channels that beg residents to immerse themselves in the outdoors, just as they would in an ultra-luxury resort. From large private pools to garden pavilions and individual cabanas on each villa’s portion of the shoreline, our team is creating customisable, intimate and exclusive areas for lounging, dining and socialising. 

This is what resort living is all about – immersing yourself in the present and forgetting about your everyday stresses. When you are living in a permanent vacation setting, your mindset adjusts accordingly, and every moment represents an opportunity to make a cherished memory. 

Moving beyond bricks and mortar 

With 27 new luxury resorts slated to open in the UAE before the end of the year, according to Mordor Intelligence, it seems that our nation’s premium hospitality segment will continue to thrive for the foreseeable future. But which of these locations will stand out, and which will blend into the scenery? 

The resorts that have left an indelible mark on my consciousness share one common trait: they were all evocative. I remember the times I felt at home with my family. I remember the locations that inspired a sense of wonder. Put simply, I remember how these places made me feel. 

Decades from now, we may not be able to recall the precise features of a hotel room, the specific shape of a swimming pool or the exact style of cutlery used in a restaurant, but we will absolutely remember the places where we felt truly content and at peace with the world. 

Feelings are what make luxury resort experiences truly unforgettable, and it’s these feelings that we are working to evoke at Amali Properties. 

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